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In the span of the 13 songs on The MacHams album Stare Smile Talk my opinion has changed quite drastically, and in the opposite direction of normalcy. At first I was honestly not blown away by the band, it struck me as typical radio rock, nothing outstanding, and just okay vocals. By the end of it however they had grown on me like sprouts on a chia pet after efficient watering. The vocals especially.
It's not often that an album that starts out boring me ends up surprising me. I have severe music ADD and tend to give up and judge things way too easily.
I stuck it out in this case though and I'm glad I did.
This album is actually quite solid. It's cute, fun, and definitely has what it takes to gain popularity in this decade in music. On the radio that is. And the fact that I still enjoy it and want to hear more of it, now that says something. And it isn't punk at ALL.
It actually reminds me of Tal Bachman meets Snow Patrol meets 90's rock.
The only thing it lacks for me is energy in some songs, but they make up for it with tracks like "Lucky Number 7" which have me bobbing my head around like the bobblehead sitting on my desk at work. We're in unison right now and it's eerie...
Anyhoo, if you like all things radio friendly you'll love this album, hands down.

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Posted Wednesday April 20, 2011 at 4:02PM by The MacHams