The MacHams

The MacHams

(No, it's not the name of the next hamburger)


From a musical family in Toronto, come 3 magnetic brothers: George, Noel and JP. Their indie rock band shakes the airwaves with their fresh new sound: edgy rock meets feel-good vibes.


Their debut full-length album STARE SMILE TALK is loaded with lyrics about the joys, uncertainties and pitfalls of relationships. Hard work, passion for music and collaborative efforts with pros like Joao Carvalho (Hedley, Alexisonfire), Stephen Stepanic (Destiny's Child, Billy Ray Cyrus) and Jason Pierce (Paramore, Shiloh), made their independent release a reality. It is available through HMV, iTunes, Amazon, and other retailers.  After a successful CD release party in Toronto, The MacHams released LUCKY NUMBER 7 and GLIDE to radio.


The MacHams are great showmen too! The brothers were awarded the TIMA "Best Live" award (Toronto Independent Music Awards) and HMFF's "Best Musical Act" award (Hamilton Music & Film Festival). While delivering solid performances in recent festivals such as Canadian Music Week 2011 and Indie Week 2011, The MacHams continue to grow in their musical journey by frequently writing and recording new material. Their brotherly interactions combined with their positive vibes capture the love and attention of audiences everywhere!