In the span of the 13 songs on The MacHams album Stare Smile Talk my opinion has changed quite drastically, and in the opposite direction of normalcy. At first I was honestly not blown away by the band, it struck me as typical radio rock, nothing outstanding, and just okay vocals. By the end of it however they had grown on me like sprouts on a chia pet after efficient watering. The vocals especially. It's not often that an album that starts out boring me ends up surprising me. I have severe music ADD and tend to give up and judge things way too easily. I stuck it out in this case though and I'm glad I did. This album is actually quite... ...Read More
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Alumni Profile: The MacHams By Sandra De Grandis Toronto is home to a great indie music scene, with countless venues and events supporting the local musicians, including The MacHams, who incidentally happen to be University of Toronto alumni. Consisting of three brothers (from oldest to youngest): George, Noel and JP Dabbagh, the MacHams have an impressive resume so far. ...(The MacHams) are outgoing and definitely have a good sense of humour. Their music is a blend of alternative, indie and just plain fun tunes. You can easily picture yourself listening to their music as you drive down a highway in the middle of summer. Click to... ...Read More
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Stare Smile Talk is an enjoyable and animated album from Toronto-based trio The MacHams's the kind of fun and energetic album that's perfect for house parties and cruising around the city. The MacHams are experts at creating the kind of catchy hooks that have you singing for days. "Glide" is a perfect example of a song with fetching melodies that you won't be able to get out of your head and "Lucky Number 7" has some great ska undertones that you just don't seem to hear anymore. Quick and easy seems to be the trademark sound for the MacHams, but the band also has a knack for producing sweet and honest ballads such as "All She's Gotta Do" and "The Words," both of... ...Read More
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William McGuirk describes The MacHams' debut album, Stare Smile Talk, as "a sound that is halfway between the Grapes Of Wrath and Ill Scarlett."   ...Read More
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"Ska-tinged hook-filled rock that combines melodies, catchy riffs, bass pulsing, resulting in energetic free-spirited musicianship." – Lonely Vagabond, Independent reviewer   "Catchy indie-rock with a little flair and showmanship. JP is actually a talented guitarist, also liked the way he played behind his head. Onwards and upwards for the band.” – Lonely Vagabond, Independent reviewer ...Read More
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by teepoo(external link) August 17, 2010 link) The MacHams might sound like a name for a sandwhich from McDonalds but actually they are a local band from Toronto set to release their debut album Stare, Smile Talk this fall. Their most recognizable track maybe the radio played Lucky Number 7 which sings about betting the heart on romance. ...Read More
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By Kathryn Kyte July 9, 2010 The MacHams Brothers stick together. Brothers play together. Brothers sweat together and the MacHams are blood who sure know how to sweat, sing and rock together. Playing a sweet mix of sped up Jason Mraz rock with jokester interludes somehow cusps nicely between the serious and the unserious, without lacking any notion of talent. Musically they’re in touch, perhaps the brotherhood has something to do with that? While each has their own star quality; I found it... ...Read More
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By Alanna Memme June 18, 2010 MacHams' name makes me hungry. Lucky Number 7 makes me smile. Ok. I love The MacHams' song Lucky Number 7! It's such a fun song that I can't help but dance in my chair and order another margarita. I saw these guys perform live last weekend and this song sounds even better live. They play the crap out of it and it's awesome. I wish they would upload some more content because they've got some other good stuff. Anyway, THIS song is my pick of the day! ...Read More
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By Edward Skira The MacHams - Glide The MacHams are brothers Noel, JP and George Dabbagh, a band based out of Toronto whose sound borrows from '90s Can-Rock. They've just released their debut album, on which you can find "Glide." ...Read More
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By BD Marie Hughes July 29, 2009 Toronto Independent Music Awards These three brothers, along with Chris Campbell, are a definite stand-out at the TIMA showcases. I met them at TIMA Showcase #2 back on May 27.2009, when they were going for “Best Live”. In two months, the band will be releasing its first full length album, much to the delight of their alternative rock/pop loving fans. Like their faithful followers, I wanted to know more about these talented, up and coming musicians....Read More
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By BD Marie Hughes June 15, 2009 Toronto Independent Music Awards It is, at once, apparent that The MacHams have a legion of fans. They were screaming, “Encore!” at the end of the guys’ set. Midway through, loyalty was rewarded with a generous toss of tshirts. Three multi-instrumental brothers – Jean-Pierre Dabbagh (“JP diddy”), Noel Dabbagh (“N Dash”), and George Dabbagh (“G Dash”) and joined by bassist Chris Campbell for live performances – deliver pop-rock music loaded with lyrics about the joys, uncertainties, and pitfalls of relationships (“Vulnerable”, “Ways to Go”, “If You Only Knew”). In two months, The MacHams... ...Read More
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